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You see potential in Mindful. You see yourself reaping the benefits. You want to share Mindful to a friend in need. Or you need a win for the MidWest.

Still, Mindful susceptible to Murphy’s Law. In any case, it’s success isn’t optional. You’re here to help. Even if it's for a day, a month, or for the long haul. There are plenty opportunities to achieve your goals through Mindful.

Yesterday It’s time for the world to know Mindful. Two (2) pilots proved Mindful proof of concept with a paying market. Every transaction proved that venture-backed startups outsource sales support to Mindful. Then the out of work talent does the support job through our platform.

Today Young at heart but ambitious AF, Mindful is set to provide this service upmarket. Targeting sales teams allows Mindful to bridge the wealth gap. Putting opportunities within reach to empower many communities. Defining a new day, poised to dismantle economic inequality. Mindful is building a prospering economy through the sales industry.

Fall 2018, will kickoff Mindful private BETA. The BETA will execute Mindful vision with new pilot customers and talent partners. Before that can happen, a small crew of allies and ALPHA testers needs to complete a 4-week pilot. Quarterly internships are also available for students.

Tomorrow Your advice and help will enable Mindful to launch a closed pilot. Offering freelance jobs for 3 to 6 out of work caregivers within our network too!

The goal of the ALPHA pilot is to test and report issues. You'll review the brands’ message, service, and platform. Your participation includes a no-holds-barred candor about Mindful shortcomings and failures.

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