Everyone Wins

When we put people first.


Picture you owning a thriving business with happy repeat customers. You are best friends with your customers because you know them well. Customers’ fears and goals don’t surprise you because Mindful keeps you ready. You save the day despite customers’ managerial pressures and market trends.


Imagine the market crash like 2008. Customers clutch their purses as expected. You get a surprise. Your star employee quit. Why? His elderly grandmother, a stroke survivor, still needs help. When professional home care is not a financial option, this affects everyone.

Your rockstar will receive financial help from Mindful.jobs. You'll get qualified customers that stay longer with Mindful. Hope is not lost when everyone can win.

Invest in People

Help Mindful to keep its promise to build a prospering economy. Impact sourcing helps Mindful to invest in underserved communities. Mindful.jobs is helping family caregivers with sales support jobs. In return, giving companies’ (and startups) sales teams quality support.

Our Code

Values that guide Mindful every day to redefine good business. If you live by the same code, Mindful welcomes your advice and help. Ready to dismantle economic inequality?