So about this job...


As Editor, you’ll help Mindful to keep customers and talent network top of mind in all communications. You’ll proofread draft docs for grammatical and spelling errors. Make sure the message is relatable and customer-focused (or talent-focused). Mindful’s authenticity, mission, and goals resonate in all copy.


Suggest edits to the Founder to simplify industry jargon or remove nonsense marketing babble.[e][f] Edit any industry jargon overused or remove nonsense marketing babble.


Live by the code, words matter. Proofread marketing/sales collateral, emails, guides, landing pages and website copy. Fix what Grammarly and Google Docs spell check missed.


You’ll check your email inbox (spam) for an invitation/notification to edit Google Docs. Rough drafts will be available in a shared Google Drive folder for you. You’ll use the comments and suggest features to add your edits and feedback.
Help the Founder keep it 100 when addressing customer/talent challenges. Ensuring that tone is always empathetic, supportive and empowering. Making sure the message stays on point; providing useful and actionable information.
You have the editorial chops and marketing experience to proofread and copy edit. You can talk like the customer/talent and still apply brand style guides.
Saying you have a working knowledge of Google Docs and Sheets (or Word & Excel) is an insult to you.
Constructive feedback for you is like a RAW tag-team wrestling match. You can take it and give it.
Constructive feedback to you is nothing but a tag-team wrestling match at RAW.[g][h]
Google Docs, Email

Got these Skills?

AKA interpersonal skills, people skills, soft skills, social skills and downright common sense!