Jr Developer

So about this job...


As a Jr Developer, you’ll create landing pages for Mindful sales and marketing campaigns.


Your goal is to help Mindful websites stay relevant to customers and Google Indexing.


Use Mindful style guide. Create templates to produce visual sales letters, product and customer pages.


You’ll check your email inbox (spam) for an invitation to a Bitbucket and Google Drive folder. Wikis, docs, and templates will be available in these shared accounts. Review the docs then follow up with questions always.
Live by the code kiss; keep it simple stupid. Respect simplicity to respect your precious time and Mindful’s budget.
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery are your ingredients. Plus you got a portfolio full of tried-and-true recipes.
You're like a yoga teacher. You’re flexible with learning new software, frameworks, and languages.
Confident at articulating your questions and feedback to the founder.
Email, Bitbucket, G Suite

Got these Skills?

AKA interpersonal skills, people skills, soft skills, social skills and downright common sense!