Graphic Designer

So about this job...


As Graphic Designer, you’ll provide design graphic to attract sales professionals and family caregivers.


Your goal is to help Mindful to deliver a united front in all online messages and interactions.


Using Mindful style guide, create templates for social media, sales, and marketing collateral.


You’ll check your email for an invitation/notification to a Google Drive folder. You’ll find all design briefs to review. Be sure to follow up with questions.
Live by the code kiss; keep it simple stupid. Respect simplicity to respect your precious time and Mindful’s budget.
To you, graphic design is fashion, and you're working the runway with your portfolio.
Photoshop or Sketch is your home away from home.
You're like a yoga teacher. You’re flexible with learning the business side of design.
You’re confident articulating your questions and feedback to the founder.
Photoshop or Sketch, Email

Got these Skills?

AKA interpersonal skills, people skills, soft skills, social skills and downright common sense!