Content Curator

So about this job...


As Content Curator, use your BS meter to filter and ignore most of the web’s clickbait. Find "real help" online for the Mindful audience. You'll use lists of sales/workday challenges to find useful and interesting articles. Pick tips that are so damn useful and easy that even I can do this resources.


To build an audience, Mindful needs a community. Before that can happen, Mindful has to help the first person. Like a gallery curator, you’ll spotlight meaningful art to uplifts and prompts action. Content that you pick to feature teaches people on how to thrive with their work not survive at their job.


You're a self-starter. Find content (articles, case studies, videos and/or podcasts) for Mindful to share. Seek thought leaders, influencers, and promising companies who Mindful can learn from.


You’ll get a list of topics, keywords, ideas, trends, questions, case studies or stories. Search for the content using Linkedin, Medium, Quora, DuckDuckGo, and Google.
Mindful is looking for specific content like people documented their journeys. Folks sharing their lessons, stories, and tips. Content that embrace servant leadership, vulnerability, and humility. Specific to inspiring success and community growth through business.
Storytelling, you know a good story. You narrate, Morgan Freeman listens[l].
Search engines, social networks, and social media are like a native language to ya. Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube or Medium, it doesn’t matter you’ll find a party.
You’ll know where and how to look. You’re familiar with or interested in learning social media management software.
HootSuite, Google Sheets, Email

Got these Skills?

AKA interpersonal skills, people skills, soft skills, social skills and downright common sense!