Chat Agent

So about this job...


As a Chat Agent, you’ll do searches on social networks using a list of topics, hashtags, and keywords.


Bring relevant posts to the Founder’s attention. Find social posts and tweets where the Mindful community celebrates, ask problems, and show interest.


You’ll search Twitter, Linkedin, and blogs for interesting posts and threads. Logged into Mindful social accounts. Then support (like or heart) social media posts that share similar values. Reply to live chat/private message queries with provided template responses.


Queue up a list of public comments[i][j] for the Founder to address and share with the Mindful community.
Look for water cooler chatter, questions, and complaints about specific industries, work, and life.
Your text game is on point, but you can switch it up and be a pro in chat messenger.
Live chats don’t scare you because you’ll say boo first.
Email, Google Sheets, HootSuite

Got these Skills?

AKA interpersonal skills, people skills, soft skills, social skills and downright common sense!