Work for Us,

American Dream

Our North Star

Mindful north star is reshaping wealth creation to be inclusive. Placing bets on helping on-demand and recruiting companies diversify economic growth. We build to make opportunity accessible and shared prosperity everlasting.

Dismantle Economic Inequality

Using the marketplace model to innovate the future of work. Now is the perfect time to shift communities' trajectory for the better.

Our Brands

Mindful helps sales professionals build healthy partnerships and achieve revenue goals. Improve team performance with on-demand sales support. Mindful prospect buyer-ready and cultural-fit customers for your product and services. Skip the bad leads and acquisition surprises. offers financial help to family caregivers with sales development jobs when professional home care isn't a financial option. Providing caregivers job security when traditional work bails. Skip the ultimatums.

The Origin Story

Frustrated at bootstrapping her first customers while caregiving her elderly mother. Helen's headache revealed a shared problem between sales professionals and caregivers alike. The endless struggle to recreate job and financial security.

Thus, Mindful was born.